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Effol Superstar Shine Spray Travel Size 125 mL

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Effol Super Star Shine gives your horse’s coat, tail, and mane more body, bounce, and brilliant shine without leaving behind any artificial-feeling residue. This special formula moisturizes to prevent split ends and dry hair, detangles, removes debris like shavings, and is dermatologist tested safe for your horse’s skin. Apply all over with the convenient spray bottle to ease grooming and give your horse that Super Star Shine. Made in Germany.

Product Details:

  • Will give your horse or pony a more brilliant shine than ever without making the coat, mane and tail feel artificial.
  • Grooming becomes easier and the effect will last several days
  • Will help undo tangles and remove particles of shavings etc. effortlessly during grooming
  • Boots volume and creates the illusion of a fuller, thicker mane and tail
  • Heals and repairs split, dry, damaged hair
  • How to use: After brushing, use spray bottle to apply all over for more shine than ever before.
  • 125 mL / 4.25 oz
Effol Superstar Shine Spray Travel Size 125 mL

Effol Superstar Shine Spray Travel Size 125 mL

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