LeMieux Helps Tackle Horse Laundry!

LeMieux Laundry Bag and Cactus Balls

Doing horse laundry is almost as fun as people laundry.  We must face reality, we can only reuse that saddle pad, brushing off the hair and dander, so many times before it just needs to visit the washing machine for a real cleaning.  It is great if you have access to a dedicated “barn” washing machine or a commercial laundromat that is horse friendly.  However, if you are destined to use the same washing machine for your saddle pads as your undies and socks; your people cloths and machine may appreciate the new LeMieux Equine Laundry Wash Bags.  We are all familiar with the laundry bags that work great for our delicates, well…the LeMieux Laundry bag is kind of like a supersized delicate bag and it comes in a large and small size.  The large will easily fit a dressage saddle pad and the small size can fit a fly veil or boots.  The LeMieux Equine Laundry Wash Bags ensure a clean wash while keeping your machine free of excess horsehair and dander.
Making sure one’s washing machine fairs well through its encounter with your horse laundry is a great idea, but our goal is still to make sure our gear is clean.  Saddle pads are getting to be things of beauty, and I am no longer comfortable taking the power wash approach to the underside of the saddle pad as a “pre-wash” method.  Yes, it works but I can’t help to think it also does some damage to the saddle pad.  So…to make sure my spiffy LeMieux saddle pads are clean, without enduring extra wear and tear, I have started using LeMieux’s Cactus Wash Balls in addition to their Laundry Bags.  The Cactus Balls are small but mighty.  They come in a pack of six, are roughly an inch round, strongly resemble the “hook” part of hook and loop fasteners (think half of team Velcro) and easy to use!  Simply add the Cactus Ball and your saddle pad to the wash bag, put the wash bag into the washer and you are good to go.  Through the washing process the Cactus Balls loosen up stubborn dirt, hair and dander leaving your gear clean and fresh while the Laundry Bag keeps all that hair and dander from infiltrating your machine.
Laundry bags and Cactus Balls…. that sounds nice but do they really work?  The quick short answer is a big absolute YES!  I tested out the large laundry bag and a six pack of Cactus Balls with a saddle pad that was about to walk away on its own.  I figured the saddle pad would come out cleaner, I never thought that amount of caked on grime and hair would be gone at the end of the cycle and it was!  I used typical detergent, in cold water, on a regular cycle and no pretreatment.  LeMieux is known for making stylish, well made, functional horse ware.  Now they also provide the means to make sure we can take great care of our favorite LeMieux products.  Follow this link,  Horse Laundry and Wash Products, to shop all our favorite wash and care products for your horse apparel .
As always, if there is anything you would like to learn more about, let us know.
Thank you and have a great ride!