Quick Knot Deluxe Braiding Pins

As we enter the height of show season, there is no getting around certain things when it comes to showing: B-R-A-I-D-I-N-G.  While I will admit to the pain of braiding; good clean plaits are always memorable.  Some people have grooms to do it and some people pay for perfect braids.  But regardless, if you are the braiding professional, groom or all-in-one owner/rider/caretaker, new braiding accessories piques your interests.  The Quick Knot Braiding Pins do just that.  I have, for time immemorial, sewn in braids.   The Quick Knot Deluxe Braiding Pins have high standards to live up to as I set out to see if these new braiding pins help make quicker cleaner plaits.

               Well…I can safely say - Yes!  Quick Knot Deluxe Braiding Pins by Hes Tec do an exceptional job securing plaits, helping create the perfect rosette.  They come in a pack of 35 reusable pins in black, brown and white.  Below is a step-by-step guide for using the Quick Knot Pins to create perfect braids, seamlessly and quickly.

1.When using the Quick Knot Deluxe Braiding Pins the braiding process begins by separating the mane into desired sections and braiding each section down, securing the end of the braid with a rubber band.  I often use two rubber bands, one to tie off the end of the braid and another to tuck under the wispy ends of the braid.

2.Create your rosette by rolling the braid under and up. Begin with the rubber banded end of the braid and tightly role the braid under and up keeping the rubber band in the center of the role.

3.Once your braid is all rolled up, it is time to secure it with a Quick Knot Deluxe Braiding Pin.  Insert the pin through the center of the braid beginning at the base of the neck, pin end first.  The Pin should be pushed through multiple layers of the rolled braid, including the secured rubber band, and exit on the opposite side of the braid.  The three-prong head of the Pin will firmly hold the base of the braid.   The remaining tail of the pin that exited the rosette is bent down under and around the base of the rosette, securing it in place. 






4.To remove the Quick Knot Deluxe Braiding Pins simply unbend the base of the Pin and pull the straightened pin out, releasing the secured rosette.  The Braiding Pins can be reused multiple times.

The Quick Knot Deluxe Braiding Pins by Hes Tec are easy to use and did an excellent job holding the rosettes in place.  Their ease of use streamlined the braiding process, making for Quick braids which both my horse and I appreciate.  Have a Great Ride and Happy Showing!