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Kentucky Performance Elevate Vitamin E Powder 10 lb

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Elevate Maintenance Powder by Kentucky Performance Products is a supplemental source of natural vitamin E for horses. It is ideal when a gradual increase in circulating levels of vitamin E is required or when the vitamin E level needs to be maintained over a long period.

Elevate is appropriate for horses of all ages and breeds. In particular, supplementation of Vitamin E is essential for horses that do not have regular access to pasture since the vitamin E content of dried forages such as hay and hay cubes is diminished by about 75% upon harvesting and storage. Vitamin E supplementation is most critical for horses that are confined to stalls such as racehorses, show horses, sale horses, and convalescing horses.

Performance Horses require optimal levels of vitamin E to support proper muscle function. Equine athletes that do not possess adequate stores of vitamin E may experience muscle soreness or stiffness during an exercise bout and prolonged recovery following strenuous work. In addition, studies show that broodmares supplemented with vitamin E have shown increased passive transfer of antibodies to foals, which ensures strength of the neonatal immune system. There is also increasing evidence that vitamin E supplementation may boost fertility in mares.

Product Details:

  • Aids in proper muscle function
  • Helps with muscle soreness, stiffness, and fatigue
  • Ideal for broodmares to increase passive transfer of antibodies to their foals to ensure strength of the neonatal immune system
  • Supports muscle recovery after an event or strenuous work
  • 650 day supply at maintenance for one horse
Kentucky Performance Elevate Vitamin E Powder 10 lb

Kentucky Performance Elevate Vitamin E Powder 10 lb

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