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Red Line Blood Tonic 80gm

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Red Line Blood Tonic Mix by Equi-Fab is a unique water soluble multi vitamin/mineral supplement that provides you with the absolute freshness that your horse deserves. Impervious to sunlight and the harmful effects of ultra-violet radiation, Red Line uses multiple sources of organic macro-minerals to guarantee maximum bio-availability.

Product Details:

  • Highly concentrated and thus very economical & efficient
  • First product to utilize organic sources of iron in a blood tonic
  • Greater bio-availability of nutrients due to the unique solubility
  • Enhanced ability of red blood cells to transport oxygen to oxygen depleted muscle fibers

Directions for Use: Mix contents of one 80 gram packet with one (1) quart of clean water. Shake well and give 1-2 ounces per day.
One packet will provide a 16 to 32 day supply for one horse depending on the level of training.

Red Line Blood Tonic 80gm

Red Line Blood Tonic 80gm

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