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Runners Relief Poultice 1.75 lbs

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Runner's Relief Poultice is the only treatment scientifically formulated to aid in the healing of bowed tendons, suspensory ligaments, & soft tissue injuries, within 90 days. This natural botanical formulation is derived from organic herbal extracts, which gives vasodilation in all vessels and arteries, promoting accelerated healing with no side effects. 100% guaranteed to work or your money back with ultrasounds before and after full treatment. No questions asked.

Directions for use:

  • Before applying, remove all previous medication, chemicals, and foreign matter by washing the area thoroughly
  • Apply a liberal amount evenly over the area to be treated and cover with a cotton quilt, plastic (saran) wrap, standing bandage (polo wrap)
  • Leave wrap on for 12 hours
  • Remove by washing the area and leave off for 12 hours
  • Repeat 6 days a week leaving 1 day of non-treatment
Runners Relief Poultice 1.75 lbs

Runners Relief Poultice 1.75 lbs

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