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SilvaPlex Respiratory Solution 16 oz

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Respiratory Solution help to expel the excess mucous and in most cases, any bacteria living in the lungs. Developed in an FDA facility in the USA, using Chelated Silver, makes this a great drug free alternative. SilvaPlex is an exclusive patented veterinarian formulated chelated silver which has shown to kill hundreds of different infectious microorganisms — including many of the antibiotic resistant super pathogens. SilvaPlex products are manufactured from natural biodegradable raw materials that have been Ecocert-approved.

Product Details:

  • Respiratory Solution is a 100% safe and non-toxic product
  • Contains chelated silver ions that attach themselves to microorganisms and kills them within 4 - 6 minutes by preventing the uptake of oxygen in the mircroorganism.
  • When used in a nebulizer or transpirator on a daily or weekly basis will help to eliminate upper sinus or lower bacterial lung infections.
  • SilvaPlex kills bacteria causing viruses along with airborne pathogens that settle in the lungs and sinus cavity.
  • SilvaPlex helps to maintain a healthier respiratory system which results in improved breathing and allows better oxygen intake.
  • Will cut down or eliminate the need of expensive medicines or antibiotics.
  • Keep your nebulizer or transpirator bacterial free and clean which prevents the spread of bacterial infections to other horses.
  • Here is the treatment protocol for utilizing SilvaPlex with the Flexineb.

  • 25cc Silvaplex 2x day for 3 days
  • 25cc Silvaplex 1x day every other day or as needed
  • **Always clean the medicine cup after each use to extend the life of your medicine cup. The Flexineb medicine cup is good for 100-125 treatments with this protocol.

    SilvaPlex Respiratory Solution 16 oz

    SilvaPlex Respiratory Solution 16 oz

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